Lapierre Maple Farm

Lapierre Maple Farm is principally located in Milan, Canada and taps roughly
150,000 sugar maple trees each season for the purest maple syrup.  About
90 percent of Lapierre’s maple sugarbush is made up of sugar maples and 10
percent are a mixture of silver and red maple.  In 2002, they provided Metro
Inc. stores’ with 100 percent pure maple syrup that identified the specific
growing region (terroir) or sugar bush, the only producer to do so.  They
believe that much like wine and olive oil, the flavor profile of maple syrup
varies with each growing region. The Canadian Counsel of Food Distribution
honored Metro Inc. and Lapierre Maple Farm at the Canadian Grand Prix with
a new product award in 2004 for the exceptional quality of their Maple Syrup
Sirobec ™ product.
derived from their sugarbush.
Savor and discover 100 percent pure Lapierre Maple Syrup!  A
unique gift of nature….shared with you…from their maple
sugarbush to your table!

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