Producers of Pure Innovation

Citadelle is a maple syrup producers cooperative with almost
2,000 members. One of the principal strengths of this
cooperative is its ability to market its member's syrup worldwide
without making any concessions in terms of quality or the
integrity of it's products.  Bearing witness to that is the fact that
Citadelle was awarded the Medal Of Excellence by the
International Maple Syrup Institute for six consecutive years.

Amazing proprietary products that the best chefs in the world
are falling in love with

Citadelle never ceases to innovate.  Our patented technologies
allow us to develop exclusive new products such as a syrup with
the consistency of honey and a shelf stable maple butter.  Our
maple concentrate lets you add less water and sugar but gives
you far more flavor punch and it's all pure maple.

Citadelle also offers
Traditional and certified organic syrup of different grades.
Traditional and certified organic granulated sugar and maple

These 100% natural maple products contain no preservatives,
GMO’s or artificial flavor.

As a world leader in maple production, Citadelle is certified by:

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